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Hey everyone! So some weeks ago we hit 1 Million views on our Gallery. We just wanted to thank you all for just keep coming back and supporting our site and Rowan! So that’s why we have a brand new gallery layout dedicated you and 1 Million views the “Flashback to 2011” Theme! We used some sweet screencaps from Rowans Movie “Spy Kids 4D”. Click here to see! Let us know


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Check out this brand new Interview by Refinery 29! Rowan talks about some great stuff like Fashion and how Fashion can make a Feminist Statement. Click here to read the full Interview … Also you can see all the Images shot by Daria Kobayashi Ritch in our Gallery, just click on them!

“I picked that slogan because I feel like we often act surprised that cops are killing Black people at abnormal rates; we act like it’s so shocking,” Blanchard explains. “When people have privilege and they aren’t recognizing it, and they aren’t seeing it, and they aren’t choosing to use it to help other people, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that people are literally abusing their power. That’s actually the second T-shirt I own with that quote on it.”


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Check out Rowan photographed by Carter Smith for Glamour Magazine. The September Issue of Glamour Magazine features 54 incredible women across America and asked them to define themselves. Rowan talks about herself being a women in 2016 and more lovely stuff. Want to see the full Interview? Then head over to the Glamour Magazine Website.

GLAMOUR: What does it mean to you to be a woman in 2016?
Rowan Blanchard: What it means to me to be a woman in 2016 is to acknowledge intersectionality and to acknowledge where I am more privileged than other women. It’s also about, for me, seeing where I can help other people, but also where there wasn’t much change, and when you look at a timeline, where the gaps are and where there are things that we could still work on. I think what’s most important for me in 2016 is seeing where I can help other women.

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Today we don’t have a Update about Rowan. But we are excited to share our brand new Layout made by the amazing Yukiko. She used the Images from Rowans Gregory Harris shot and from Isaac Sterling Photography! Head over to our Gallery if you want to see all the Images! And be more excited for more changes on the Site & Gallery!

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Check out Rowan for the Teen Choice Awards 2016. She wore wore a denim coat over her Miu Miu dress for the annual show. Also go see some Green Carpet Videos, we hope to see some Interviews very soon! We will let you know.


001. Rowan Blanchard Teen Choice Awards 2016 Green Carpet
002. Rowan Blanchard at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards
003. Rowan Blanchard arriving to the 2016 Teen Choice Awards at The Forum in Los Angeles

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Check out these awesome Photos shot by Clara Zara Balzary for anothermag.com she also answered some Questions! Check AnOther Magazine for more ..

“To me being a girl first and foremost means embracing a form of sisterhood and looking at how I can grow alongside other girls and help other girls, or anyone who might identify with that label. It’s important to have the support of others to fall back on, especially in a world that is not made for us, to know that I have all these other ppeople that I can ook to when sometimes it might feel like that world is against me.”


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