February 21,2017

Check out our brand new design made by the amazing 20th Design. It’s a pretty Spring & Summer theme cause we can’t wait for it. Come back soon for more Infos and Updates about Rowan.

January 6,2017
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Sad news guys, Disney has officially canceled “Girl Meets World” after 3 amazing seasons! It’s not all bad news though. Shows can be saved recently ABC canceled their hit show “Nashville” and fans saved the show now its airing on CMT.

“Girl Meets World” Fans we have to save the show and get freeform or Netflix to pick it up! Tweet, Instagram, Facebook. Tumbler, everything you can if you want to see the cast continue to grow! We can do it!

I will also be working on adding all of Season 03 captures to the gallery! I am so sorry we haven’t stayed up to date with those, they take alot of time to cap and get done. But they will be up in the gallery soon!

Last but not least, i hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and with the news of girl meets world, its sad we had to start off the new year like this. But whatever happens Rowan has a bright future ahead of her, she is such an amazing young woman!

November 17,2016
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Earlier in the week Rowan attended the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards! I have added around 20 HQ images of Row from the event to the gallery! Make sure to check them out, as always Row stuns i a beautiful pink dress! She can be seen hanging out with her BFF Yara!

November 16,2016

Yara Shahidi and Rowan are talking about their first impression on each other. Read this little sneak peek down below.. We also added all the Photos shot by Sean Thomas to our Gallery. Teen Vogue also added a BTS Video from Yara and Rowan. They “Took the ULTIMATE Test of Their Best Friendship”.

I met Rowan at Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood party in 2014. My first impression of her was “ethereal.” It wasn’t just her look or mannerisms but more how she carries herself. Her authenticity bubbles up from within her.


For more go on TeenVogue.com or just click here and you head over to the Full Article.

November 10,2016
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Check out Rowan and Yara Shahidi for American Eagle. You can see them on their official Website. Click here and have your eyes open for Rowan. Also check out the BTS Videos posted by American Eagle’s You Tube.


September 13,2016

Check out this great feminism Interview, Rowan gave for NYMag! She talks about some great stuff, her story, GMW and feminism! These great Images where shot by Andre Wagner. Here is a quick quote. Click here for the full Interview by the New York Magazine.

“My first definition of feminism was so small: Men and women should be equal. And maybe that’s how you have to learn it, so that it can be more accessible. But then I started discovering Audre Lorde and Angela Davis and all of these intricacies of feminism that were not being presented to me by these white feminist ‘icons.’ It was only then that I realized how deep it is and how it’s more about undoing these walls that we have built around marginalized people — it’s not just about women and men. It’s the fact that the walls for me are different than the walls for Amanda Stenberg.”

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September 12,2016

Check out some new Event Images, we have added some great High Quality Images to our Gallery. Rowan attended the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Also was on the Opening Ceremony for the New York Fashion Week. Click the Images download below for more!!


Rowan opens up about “Girl Meets World’s” possible fourth season. Check out this sneak peek:

On the possible fourth season: “I know as much as you do. We are hoping for a Season 4, obviously, because we want to continue our story, and I feel like it’s an important story to tell. But as of right now, we just finished [filming] Season 3 and we’re still waiting on the word. But we do have more episodes coming out this year that air into early 2017, so we’re covered for a little bit.”

… Continue reading here and see what Rowan said …

August 24,2016
antonia   /   Gallery Update

Hey everyone! So some weeks ago we hit 1 Million views on our Gallery. We just wanted to thank you all for just keep coming back and supporting our site and Rowan! So that’s why we have a brand new gallery layout dedicated you and 1 Million views the “Flashback to 2011” Theme! We used some sweet screencaps from Rowans Movie “Spy Kids 4D”. Click here to see! Let us know


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