I have added 2 new sets of event that Rowan has attended last week. Make sure to check them out over in the gallery! Also the captures to the episode “Girl Meets Sneak Attack” will be up later so keep checking back for those!

I have added over 70 HD Captures of Row in last Friday’s episode of “Girl Meets World”. In the episode “Girl Meets Boy” Riley has to learn how to talk to Lucas without having her phone. If you didn’t catch the episode you can head to on demand, watch disney channel app, or itunes to watch the episode!

In tonight’s all new episode of “Girl Meets World” – In an attempt to get the students in his class to stop texting and communicate in person, Cory gives them a homework assignment that teaches them how to communicate face to face, ultimately sparking a real connection between Riley and Lucas. Make sure to tune into Disney Channel tonight at 8:30pm to catch “Girl Meets Boy”.

I have added 6 HQ images of Rowan along with Sabrina and Ben Savage for a “Girl Meets World” Portrait Session. Make sure to check those out over in the gallery!

Congrats to the whole cast of “Girl Meets World” last friday the premiere episode was watched by 5.2 million viewers following the success of zapped which garned 5.7 million views. Make sure to tune in to more episodes on Disney Channel!

Rowan attended the World Premiere of Disney’s “Maleficent” in Los Angeles on May 28th! I have added some HQ gorgeous images of Row on the red carpet. Make sure to check them out! Also check below for some videos from the premiere. Don’t forget to tune into Disney Channel June 27th at 9:45pm right after the premiere of Zendaya’s “Zapped” for “Girl Meets World”!!

I have added 90 HD captures of Rowan in Disney Channel’s first episode of “Girl Meets World” titled “Girl Meets Boy”. Make sure to check out the captures over in the gallery. If you have access the first episode is available to watch on the “Watch Disney Channel App’. Make sure to tune into the premiere of GMW June 27th, at 9:45 right after the Premiere of Zendaya’s new movie “Zapped”.

Disney has released another new preview for the upcoming premiere of the highly anticipated “Girl Meets World”. Make sure to check it out below, as well as listen to the full theme song performed by Rowan, and Sabrina! Make sure to tune into Disney Channel, Friday June 27th, at 9:45 right after Zapped to catch the premiere!

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