January 6,2017
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Sad news guys, Disney has officially canceled “Girl Meets World” after 3 amazing seasons! It’s not all bad news though. Shows can be saved recently ABC canceled their hit show “Nashville” and fans saved the show now its airing on CMT.

“Girl Meets World” Fans we have to save the show and get freeform or Netflix to pick it up! Tweet, Instagram, Facebook. Tumbler, everything you can if you want to see the cast continue to grow! We can do it!

I will also be working on adding all of Season 03 captures to the gallery! I am so sorry we haven’t stayed up to date with those, they take alot of time to cap and get done. But they will be up in the gallery soon!

Last but not least, i hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, and with the news of girl meets world, its sad we had to start off the new year like this. But whatever happens Rowan has a bright future ahead of her, she is such an amazing young woman!

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